West Midtown Business Association


In 2011, a small group of West Midtown business owners got together and began to discuss forming an organization that would unite neighborhood businesses through a common goal of collaboration and community growth, believing that a unified coalition of businesses is stronger together than as individuals.

A year later, an Advisory Board and a more formal organizational structure was established.

In 2013, the West Midtown Business Alliance became official and launched to the community.

In 2014 a group of forward-thinking businesses joined as Founding Partners, contributed funds and in-kind support towards the development of our organization. Their initial investments supported our 501 c(6) IRS filing costs, consultation fees, and startup expenses.

Soon after, the West Midtown Business Alliance established boundaries to focus efforts and guide the organizations growth. All businesses that are located within the boundaries are classified as potential members.

The immediate focus of the WMBA is on cohesive branding, community improvement, and business advocacy thereby enhancing the value of doing business in the area. The vision is to create an energetic forum to facilitate the Alliance’s 5 founding Principles of Advocacy; collaboration, networking, marketing, strategic growth, and thought leadership.

Today, the appearance and growth of West Midtown expresses our pride, our passion, and our commitment. Membership has grown and now includes many prominent businesses from the City of Atlanta. General meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month and are always open to anyone interested in learning more about businesses in their area or the West Midtown Business Alliance. Read the minutes from previous meetings to get up to date.

To receive the monthly newsletter, get updates on event announcements or to present to the general body; contact the Development Director, info@westmidtownbiz.com.

Please plan to attend a meeting or event and see why so many businesses in the Atlanta area are joining the West Midtown Business Alliance.

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